In the second workbook the transformation process towards a PSS-oriented company is described through the presentation of three best practice cases. Each case describes motivations, challenges, business models and PSS offerings. The workbook ends with a self assessment checklist for companies considering PSS.


MAN Truck & Bus AG is the largest company within the MAN Group (with 54% of the total MAN Group revenue). MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd. is a company within the commercial vehicle business area, with markets in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and is a supplier of transport solutions within the product market of trucks (7.5 to 44t), heavy special-purpose vehicles (up to 250t ), plus city and intercity buses.

PSS' facts of MAN Truck & Bus UK Ltd - [Click to enlarge]

Offering's List:

Mobile24 | Service 24hr + roadside assistance cover.
Genuine Parts | Quality and reliability of parts.
Comfort service | Tailor made service contracts. Scheduled maintenance and repair packages.
Service card | Cashless payments for repair, maintenance and replacements parts.
Bus Top service | Premium service package for NEOPLAN buses.
ProfiDrive® | Training of drivers.
Fleet management | Driver efficiency reports, fuel consumption, documentation.
Communication | Packages of onboard communication and navigation systems.
TeleMatics® | Data to optimise vehicle deployment and make the transport process transparent.
Finance | Tailor-made solutions for Finance, Leasing and Insurance.
Rental | Rental trucks + operational benefits (service packages).
TopUsed | Sale of used vehicles.



BASF Automotive Refinish is present in 80 countries and employs 110,000 staff. In 2011 the company had an annual revenue of €73.5 billion. The company offers a large array of products and services in a range of segments such as plastics, chemicals, oil and gas, agricultural, and functional solutions. The focus in this case is on the Automotive refinish coatings part of BASF coating division. BASF Automotive Refinish is a department within BASF that has a long history of producing and selling coating for automotive refinish workshops.

PSS' facts of BASF Automotive Refinish - [Click to enlarge]

Offering's List:

Bodyshop Audit | Analysis of application process and action plan for operational improvement.
Customer business courses | Marketing, personal management, and profit management.
Customer training | Three different levels of training in coating application.
RATIO Color system | Internet database with search and query options and calculation of mixing formulas.
RATIO Scan II | Transportable color measuring device connectable to PC and color program.
Color Profi System | Tri-annual updated color samples with patented filing system.
Classic Car Colors | Webpage with search and help options specifically for vintage cars.



GKN Aerospace Engine Systems (former Volvo Aero) employing 2,900 staff. As both a supplier and OEM to the aviation industry, GKN develops and produces highly advanced components for aircraft engines, rockets, and gas turbines. All of GKN components enjoy a majority market share in their respected segments. Today GKN engine components are present on more than 90% of all new larger commercial aircrafts (aircrafts with more than 100 passengers).

PSS' facts from GKN Aerospace Engine Systems - [Click to enlarge]

Offerings' List:

Aircraft engines | The RM12 engine for the Swedish military Gripen fighter.
Engine components | Fan and compressor structures, compressor rotors, combustor structures, low pressure turbine cases, turbine structures, shafts, and fan/ compressor cases.
Vanes | Turbine nozzle guide.
Space propulsion nozzels | Radiation cooled sheet metal nozzles, supersonic injection cooled nozzles, dump cooled nozzles, regeneratively cooled nozzles.
Space propulsion turbines | Subtrans and supersonic turbines of both blade and blisk type.


Finally, a Self Assessment Check is provided as an extensive set of questions for the service providing or service aspiring company to assess their current offerings or unseen potential. It has been constructed to investigate and describe the essential parts of a PSS providing company and has been used as checklist in researching the three case companies. The Self Assessment Check is meant to help you ask the right questions of your business. It is meant to be a basis for a discussion of the current situation and to give ideas for potential new opportunities. Where appropriate, some points have been supplemented by additional questions or suggestions..

PSS Self Assessment Check - [Click to enlarge]